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Chevrolet capped price servicing - cost, schedule, and info

Unsurprisingly, it is not particularly affordable to own a Chevrolet in Australia.

GMSV (General Motors Specialty Vehicles) sells a limited selection of Chevrolet models in Australia - some converted to right-hand drive here in Australia, while the Corvette is imported in RHD configuration from the factory - and they have variable ownership terms, depending on the model.

GMSV offers a three-year, 100,000km warranty, which would be significantly behind the pace for a mainstream manufacturer, but is unsurprising for a low-volume importer/converter, as GMSV’s main rival, Ram Trucks, offers a similar warranty promise.

GMSV backs its products with three years of roadside assist to match the warranty period, but there is no capped-price servicing program.

Instead, GMSV has offered indicative pricing for each of its three current models (two Silverado variants and the Corvette Stingray) over a three-year period, noting that it will vary between dealers. See the table below for expected average costs. Service pricing is comparatively high when compared to a mainstream automaker. Intervals occur in 12 monthly or 12,000km cycles for every current Chevrolet.

In summary: Import and conversion outfits like GMSV don’t offer the most competitive ownership terms and high service pricing to support a limited range. Costs after the three-year mark are a mystery, leaving owners without a clear picture of what long-term ownership looks like. 4/10

 Warranty termsAverage yearly service cost (3yrs)*Total cost (3yrs)*
Silverado LDThree years/100,000km$551.67$1655
Silverado HDThree years/100,000km$720.50$2161.50
Corvette StingrayThree years/100,000km$1464.17$4392.50

*taken as an average of indicative service costs from two dealers

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