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2021 Didi D1 detailed: World's first electric car custom-built for ridesharing charges up

If you’ve ever jumped into a rideshare vehicle and wished the whole...Read more

Victoria set to follow South Australia with widely panned electric car tax as state governments fear fuel excise drying up

Despite having a zero emissions by 2050 target, the Victorian state...Read more

Australian e-Bike startup Zoomo takes aim at rivals with new low-cost subscription service

Zoomo launches a new budget e-Bike subscription service that it says is...Read more

South Australia to tax electric cars from July 2021 and become first jurisdiction in the world to disincentivise EVs

South Australia is set to become the first jurisdiction in the world to...Read more

Data suggests Australians are shunning public transport but turning to bikes and scooters instead of electric cars

Australians shun public transport in favor of cheap cars, but electric...Read more

Cost still the number one reason why electric car uptake is so slow in Australia

Australian fleets would be more likely to adopt electric cars if there...Read more

Toyota Australia says take-up of hydrogen cars will be "much faster than the 20 years we saw for hybrid"

Toyota thinks you'll be behind the wheel of a hydrogen car in a...Read more

Mercedes-Benz on hybrid strategy in Australia: "We're definitely seeing increased interest in plug-ins"

Despite only mild increases in plug-in hybrid sales in the last year,...Read more

'Australia will have the cheapest hydrogen in the world' according to Hyundai

According to Hyundai, Australians could benefit from the cheapest fuel in...Read more

Nissan Leaf answers the emergency services call of duty

Nissan has revealed its take on an all-electric emergency response...Read more

The evolution of the urban SUV

Most people associate SUVs as a modern phenomenon, a 21st Century trend...Read more

Utility supplier AGL launches electric car subscription program

Utility provider AGL moves into the car subscriptions space, specialising...Read more

Could fleet sales be the catalyst for turning the tide on electric cars?

Can fleet sellers influence the 'turning point' for EV...Read more

e-scooters in Canberra: ACT government partners with Neuron Mobility to establish public network

Canberra residents will soon have access to a public e-scooter network,...Read more

New Toyota Yaris 2021 price shock: Kia Seltos, Mazda 3 and others worth considering for similar money

The announcement this week that the base version of the all-new Toyota...Read more

New Ora ES11 2021: Great Wall's electric sub-brand reveals retro Nissan Leaf rival and new battery with up to 405km range

Could Great Wall take down the Nissan Leaf with over 400km in range in a...Read more

Neuron e-scooters now with live-tracking for enhanced safety

Don't go scooting down dark streets in fear anymore - you can now...Read more

Blinker car subscription rebranded as Loopit, and the company has big plans

Loopit - that's what you'll be hearing in South Africa, New...Read more

Ducati E-Scrambler is the e-bike we all need in our lives

This new Ducati bike isn't what you'd expect.Read more