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No more Apple CarPlay or Android Auto: General Motors will replace popular phone mirroring with its own system

The Chevrolet Silverado will keep the popular options of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto for now.

The popular phone mirroring systems Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are set for the chopping block as far as American automotive giant General Motors is concerned, with the company developing its own software to replace them.

The tech from Apple and Android that has become standard in most new cars, and therefore widely accepted as the best way to enable phone mirroring in an easy-to-use manner, will be replaced in GM products with software co-developed with Google.

According to a report from Reuters, GM says it plans to adopt more self-driving technologies, and wants these to rely as little as possible on drivers owning a smartphone. According to tech data research firm Newzoo, more than 80 per cent of all Americans have a smartphone.

"We have a lot of new driver assistance features coming that are more tightly coupled with navigation," Mike Hichme, GM’s Executive Director of Digital Cockpit Experience, told Reuters. 

“We don’t want to design these features in a way that are dependent on person having a cellphone."

Google Maps and Google Assistant will become the new standard navigation and voice command systems, though Android Auto users will be familiar with these.

The systems currently used will remain in place in combustion engine models, however, with incoming electric cars being the first targets for the tech change.

For Australia, this means the Chevrolet Silverado and Corvette will continue to use the phone mirroring systems we’re already familiar with.