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Porsche capped price servicing - cost, schedule, and info

Porsche doesn't have capped price servicing.

Porsche doesn’t offer ‘capped-price servicing’ in the traditional sense, but it does offer indicative service pricing for each service for some of its models.

The brand also offers a behind-the-pace three-year and unlimited kilometre warranty, one of only a handful of remaining brands in the Australian market to resist adopting the accepted five-year and unlimited kilometre standard. 

Terms and pricing are less standardised across its range of vehicles. The more mainstream models, like the Macan SUV, for example, have a schedule of service costs available on the Porsche website or via individual dealer sites, but the brand’s more enthusiast-focused models, like the 911 and Taycan, do not.

Servicing for models which do have schedules is not cheap. To take a 2.0-litre turbocharged Macan as an example, servicing costs between $795 and $1500 per visit, for a five-year average of $1077 per annual visit. The Panamera and 718 Boxster/Cayman are similar, but every second service jumps to $895 making the average yearly cost even higher at $1137. Interestingly the price stays the same according to the calculator regardless of whether a 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine or a six-cylinder engine is chosen.

Most Porsche models require servicing every 12 months or 15,000km, but the 911 requires servicing every 10,000km. Meanwhile, the fully electric Taycan requires servicing every two years or 30,000km.

Additionally, the Taycan has a separate battery warranty, covering eight years or 160,000km.

In summary: Porsche’s servicing is expensive and not particularly transparent and its warranty is behind the times in the Australian market 4/10

 Years warrantyYears capped price servicingAverage yearly cost (est.)Total cost (5yrs - est.)
Macan3 years/unlimited kmNone$1077$5385
Cayenne3 years/unlimited kmNoneN/AN/A
7183 years/unlimited kmNone$1137$5685
9113 years/unlimited kmNoneN/AN/A
Panamera3 years/unlimited kmNone$1137$5685
Taycan3 years/unlimited kmNoneN/AN/A

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