2014 CrossFit Games Open Workout 14.1

We had a great time at the Arnold Sports Festival this weekend. Saw some impressive lifting by Lidia Valentín and Kendrick Farris, among others. Started to come down with a sinus issues on Saturday though and yesterday was pretty miserable. At least it seems to be under control today. Good thing too, because it would be hard to workout with my nose dripping all over the place.


I did a lot of mobility, stretching, and loosing of my shoulders. Did a slow 5:00 on the Air Dyne, worked up in weight on the snatches. Nothing too crazy.

2014 CrossFit Games Open Workout 14.1

10:00 AMRAP

  • 30 DU
  • 15 Ground to OH

My goal going in was to get 3 rounds in 5:00 and go from there. I did this workout in September and had a bad score of 4+37 (217). I knew I would beat that. I went 6-5-4 on the snatches the entire way and was under 5 minutes for 3 rounds. My double unders kind of fell apart after that though. I finished 5+41 for a score of 266. I’ll take it. This is a workout I would have done again with time, but that’s just not possible. The DU can make such a huge difference and I was not my best with them. The only strategy change I would have made was to use C&J in that 6th round. I think I would have gotten back to the rope and gained precious reps.


Glad it’s over with though and my shoulder wasn’t bothered at all. Now I’m going to get some more sleep all day to kind this head cold. I have another appointment at the chiropractor this afternoon. Oh, this TENS unit I bought is the best investment I’ve made in a long time. I don’t think the shoulder would be healing as fast without it.

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