Spaz(m) Out

I only had one back spasm through the night. On the mend. In for the 9am class at CFi.


  • 3×15 Reverse Hypers (30#)
  • 15-10 Good Mornings (45#)
  • 10 Air Squats
  • Bottom Squat Holds
  • Wall Squat Stretch (laying on ground)
  • 5×155# Deadlifts
  • 5×245# Deadlifts
  • 2x25m Run
  • 2x25m Run @ 90%


  • 3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3 Deadlifts (315#)
  • 2-1-2-1-2-1-2-1 Sprints
    • 2s: 25m Sprint
    • 1s: 50m Sprint

Kept the weight lighter and focused on speed of the lifts. Controlled every rep back to the ground.


3 Rounds

  • 1:00 Box Jumps (24″)
  • 1:00 Wall Balls (20#, 10′
  • 1:00 Sit-ups
  • 1:00 Rest

In the first round I went 26-17-27. Didn’t hear Kevin correctly and stopped wall balls early. Had time for a few more reps. Second round was better with 24-20-29, and busted ass for 25-23-29 in the last round.

Walked about 200m after and then did a bunch of hamstring stretching.

Afternoon session in the garage started with Crossover Symmetry Activation.

Shoulder Press

  • 5×45#
  • 5×95#
  • 3×115#
  • 10x3x135#

I set the clock and went every 2 minutes. Might have to rethink adding 10# to each workout for the 2nd week of the cycle.

8:00 AMRAP

  • 2 Chin-ups (Strict)
  • 4 HR Push-ups
  • 6 Air Squats

Stole this little gem with a modification of my own.

I got 16 rounds plus 2 chin-ups, 4 push-ups, and 1 squat for a 16+7. I did it on my little rack, so tried to get my feet out in front of me in a good hollow position so they’d have as little contact with the ground as possible at extension. Push-ups got a little slow on my towards the end but never stopped.

Jumped on the Air Dyne (AD2) for 10 easy minutes at about 50-55% and went 4.49km to cool down. Finished up with Crossover Symmetry Plyometrics.

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