Week 5 of the Attack

Feeling pretty good. In for Super Sunday at noon. Started with Crossover Symmetry Activation and some other stretching.

Bench Press

  • 10×45#
  • 5×95#
  • 5×135#
  • 5×165#
  • 5×180#
  • 5×185#
  • 5×195#
  • 5×205#
  • 5×215#

I was only planning on making 5# jumps in the 5 work sets, but it was feeling really good.

10:00 EMOM

  • 5 Muscle/Power Snatch (75#)
  • 5 C2B Pull-ups

Wow, much harder than I expected. Had to break up the pull-ups a little in the last few sets. Grip was getting fried from the snatches, while I held the hook grip throughout the reps.

3 Rounds

  • 2:00 AMRAP
    • 5 Deadlifts (205#)
    • 5 T2B
  • Rest 2:00

I got 4+5, 4+6, and 4+6. Chalked up after the first AMRAP and it made a huge different on my T2B, where I usually start slipping off the bar. I guess I’ll have to start using chalk!

Thruster Attack (week 5)

3 Rounds

  • 4:00 Tabata
    • 20s Thrusters (45#)
    • 10s Rest
  • 1:30 Rest

Same weight at last week and same amount of work time, but a change from 4×3:00 and 1:30 less of total rest time. I got 8 every round and 10 on the last round.

Did Crossover Symmetry Iron Scap before leaving the gym. Getting on a plane to Park City, Utah tomorrow morning and plan to get to a box there a few times.

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Nick Momrik

I'm searching for the perfect golf swing and my first hole-in-one. I'm addicted to CrossFit. I work for Automattic.

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