Get Out of Bed!

Still having a rough time getting up, but I had to this morning since Kevin is out-of-town and I was running the 9am for him.


  • Bottom Squat Hold
  • Band Rack Stretch
  • 20 Squat Jumps


Front Squat

  • 10×45#
  • 5×135#
  • 3×205#
  • 2×235#
  • 2x2x255#
  • 2x2x265#
  • 2x2x275#
  • 2×285#

Felt pretty good. This right IT band has been really funky for a couple of weeks now.


4 Sets

  • 10/10 Kroc Rows (62#)


14:00 EMOM

  • Odds: 5 Hang Cleans (155#)
  • Evens: 8 Burpees

Tried not to pull on the hang cleans. Did burpees AFAP, finishing in 15s or less each round.


Reverse Hypers

  • 5x10x210#

Published by

Nick Momrik

I'm searching for the perfect golf swing and my first hole-in-one. I'm addicted to CrossFit. I work for Automattic.

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