All The Burpees

Was up late for the CFi Halloween party last night, but made it out to 989 CrossFit at 9am for a charity event to raise money for MS. It was 350 burpees and you could do it as a team. I went solo for a challenge.

My goal was to finish under 30:00. I figured I’d do 12 reps every minute and then rest until the next minute. I was slowly getting less and less rest time, but I kept at this for 20 rounds. Then I took the next minute off. Did 10 reps to get me to 250 so I could just count up to 100. Did 2 sets of 20, then a set of 12 I think, and not sure what next. I had to bust out the last 25 or 30 (it was a bit of a blur, but pretty sure I had 25 reps to go with 2:00 to make it) without stopping to reach my goal, but I did it! Finished at 29:45. It was a real mental battle for those last 100 reps. I kept negotiating with a quitter’s attitude, trying to convince myself that I’d be happy with 31 or 32 minutes. Glad I pushed through.

Drove back over to Saginaw and did some overhead squats with Kevin.


  • 5X45#
  • 5X75#
  • 5X95#
  • 5X115#
  • 5X135#
  • 5X155#
  • 5×175#

I started out just outside of a jerk grip and used that up until I lost the third rep with 135#. Then I moved out a bit to finish the set and same for 155#. For 175# I was about half way between my jerk and snatch grips. That last set was rough to keep stable because my shoulders were pretty beat from the burpees.

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Nick Momrik

I'm searching for the perfect golf swing and my first hole-in-one. I'm addicted to CrossFit. I work for Automattic.

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