Time to Squat Heavy Again

Got to the gym at about 9am and knocked out 100 walking lunges to warm-up.

Back Squat

  • 10×45#
  • 5×135#
  • 3×225#
  • 3×265#
  • 3×295#
  • 3×320#
  • 3×340#
  • 3×345# (PR match)

My first rep with 340 was ugly from not concentrating and it through off the entire set. Made me scared then. I was going to hit the same weight again, but added 5# at the last minute and glad I did. Felt better with more focus. Really wanted to hit 350 or 355 but today wasn’t that day. Felt good to be back under a heavy barbell!


5 Super Sets

  • 12 Incline DB Bench Press (60° – 40# DBs each set)
  • 12 JM Press (45-55-60-65-70#)

Since there weren’t heavier dumbbells to increase to and I didn’t want to use kettlebells, I tried to be explosive on my incline reps. The JM presses actually felt pretty good today, even being second with that fatigue. Must be working. My bench sets sure seem to agree.


  • 2x20kg
  • 2x40kg
  • 2x60kg
  • 2x70kg
  • 2x75kg
  • 2x80kg

Other than a rep with 60 being forward that I had to pull in, the lifts felt solid today. Don’t think I’ve done a double with that much before.


  • Partner A: Run 200m
  • Partner B: Work on 20 rounds of
    • 5 Burpees
    • 10 American KBS (53#)
    • 15 Air Squats

Paired up with Bryan and everyone did the work outside in the sun. We basically just did a round per run and paced it out that way. So essentially we each did 10 rounds. Finished in 21:50.

Played some half-court basketball and shot around for about 90 minutes.

Run Every Day

Didn’t feel like it at all, but laced up the shoes and ran a mile before the Belmont came on.

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Nick Momrik

I'm searching for the perfect golf swing and my first hole-in-one. I'm addicted to CrossFit. I work for Automattic.

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