2015 June GLBRT

I’ve been sleeping so good lately. Headed out at 7am simple for the sake of keeping the #RunEveryDayJune streak going. Went 1.1 miles in 11:37.

First Great Lakes Bay Regional Throwdown of the year started at 9am. Held at Next Level Fitness this time.

Event 1

8:00 (Simultaneously)

  • Row for distance

* One person at each thing at a time. Switch out any way you want.

I was on row duty first to get us off to a good start. Went for about 2:30 with 800 meters, got some rest and then jumped in on the dubs. We totaled 721 DU for 4th and 2,267 meters for 8th.

Event 2


  • Max snatch and C&J for men and women

* One person from each gender does one of the two lifts. Each team has 2 bars.

All 4 of us hit PRs! After 205# being a little shaky to stand up with due to whatever is causing my OHS issue, I fucked the shit out of the bar with 215# and actually power snatched it! That’s 20# more than I’ve ever even attempted to power snatch and a 5# snatch PR. We totaled 740# for 6th place.

Event 3

  • 1:00 AMRAP Muscle-ups (x3 points) – Member A
  • 1:00 AMRAP Wall Balls (20/14#, 10/9′) – Member B
  • 8:00 AMRAP
    • 15 Pull-ups
    • 15 Power cleans (115/80#)
    • 15 HSPU
    • 15 Front Squats (115/80#)
  • 1:00 AMRAP Pistols – Member C
  • 1:00 AMRAP Hand Release Burpee Box Overs (24/20″) – Member D

* Each team member does a 1:00 AMRAP of something and everyone shares the work of the 8:00 AMRAP.

Muscle-ups for me. Nice to get my part out of the way first thing. I went 4-3-3-2 for 12. Same as I got in practice. Their rings were like fucking sand paper! We had 381 “points” with the MU being tripled, which was 8th in the event. I didn’t do any pull-ups and HSPU were much harder than in practice.

When I watched this video I cringed at my lockouts as the minute progressed. Then I went frame-by-frame in Quicktime and I actually hit lockout in every rep, even the final one. Just hard to catch at speed and with my weird double-jointed elbows. I need to work on making the lockouts better though and keep my damn feet and legs together for more power.

Not too long after the event I was blacking out and my hands were all tingly for quite some time. Lucky I had some medical professionals on our teams to help me out and carb me up. Recovered for the final though.

Event 4

  • 25-15-10
    • Deadlifts – Men (205#)
    • Thrusters – Women (55#)
  • 10-15-25
    • Thrusters – Men (75#)
    • Deadlifts – Women (145#)

* EMOM 4 synchronized burpees. One person working at a time. The men do 25 deadlifts (split up any way), then the women do 25 thrusters, then 15s and 10s, before changing weights and swapping movements.

I did the 25 and 10 deadlifts, then the 15 thrusters and the final 4 thrusters after Bryan got interrupted by burpees. The burpees were just an annoying forced break. They were easy. We finished in 6:53, which was 6th place.

The points were so close that we actually dropped from 5th to 7th out of 22 teams after that! Only 7 points out of 4th place though. It was by far the most fun GLBRT I’ve participated in.

Here are the final results with a link to the spreadsheet I whipped up since they didn’t do any sorting of the data. If nothing else, we were consistent. Just needed a higher finisher in one of the full point workouts.


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