Legs still feeling smoked from that workout yesterday. I woke up to piss in the middle of the night and my left knee did not feel good. Threw on an Ace wrap for the wrest of the night and seemed to be ok when I woke up. Went in for the 9am class.


  • 2:00 Bottom Squat Hold
  • 3 Rounds
    • 5 Strict Pull-ups
    • 10 Push-ups
    • 15 Air Squats

Strength: Front Squats

  • 10×45#
  • 6×135#
  • 3×185#
  • 3×215#
  • 3×235#
  • 3×255#
  • 3×265#
  • 3×285#

Felt good. Wore a belt for the last 3 or 4 sets.


10:00 AMRAP

  • 40 Double Unders
  • 5 Thrusters (95#)
  • 5 Push Press (95#)

Took a little breather between the rope and bar. Kept all barbell reps unbroken. Finished 7 rounds + 38 dubs.

6 sets

  • 30s Row
  • Rest as needed

Was still out of breath from the metcon in the first round so slowly ramped up each set. My meters were 154-161-165-169-174-179.

Wasn’t sure if I’d end up going back in the evening to finished out rowing for the week, but I did.

Rowing WOD Week 16 Session 2

  • 3 Rounds
    • 300 Calorie Row
    • 4:00 Rest
  • 5:00 Rest
  • 10 Rounds
    • 3 Burpees over the Rower
    • 1 Calorie Row

The plan I wrote on the board was to go at 19-21-23 s/m and try for 950-980-1010 cal/hour. I stuck with the stroke rates, but after setting on the rower for nearly 20 minutes straight, the 2nd and 3rd round just couldn’t pick up the pace as much as I hoped for.


  1. 18:51 @ 19 s/m for 4,637 meters at a pace of 954 cal/hr
  2. 18:30 @ 21 s/m for 4,595 meters at a pace of 971 cal/hr
  3. 18:20 @ 23 s/m for 4,571 meters at a pace of 980 cal/hr

The 10 round transition practice is dumb if you ask me. Unless you’re a high level competitor it’s not worth it. But I did it anyway. There is no good way to setup the rower for rounds with that, so I basically just did 3 pulls each time so that I wouldn’t could the rollover calorie or two you get from the previous round. I kind of lost track of rounds so might have done some extra. Who knows? Who cares? Not me. Time was 4:13 and monitor said 453 meters, but that’s 10 rounds of rollover.

I wasn’t too excited when there was rowing programmed this morning knowing what I had in store tonight or tomorrow. Ended up being over 15,000 meters total for the day. Surprisingly I feel pretty good.

Next week is supposed to be the last week of this cycle and then I’m going to be done with the rowing. Will be shifting a focus to gymnastics work leading up to the Open. Endurance with chest-to-bar pull-ups and handstand push-ups hurt me in 2 of the workouts in the 2015 Open

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