All of the Change

First pre-heated garage session of the winter. Warmed up with 5 minutes on the Air Dyne for 1.55 miles.

  • 10×65# Safety Bar Squats
  • 10×45# Shoulder Press
  • 6×155# Safety Bar Squats
  • 6×95#  Shoulder Press
  • 4×225# Safety Bar Squats
  • 4×115#  Shoulder Press
  • 4×255# Safety Bar Squats
  • 4×130#  Shoulder Press
  • 4×275# Safety Bar Squats
  • 4×137.5#  Shoulder Press
  • 4×280# Safety Bar Squats
  • 4×138.75#  Shoulder Press
  • 4×285# Safety Bar Squats
  • 4×140#  Shoulder Press
  • 4×290# Safety Bar Squats
  • 4×141.25#  Shoulder Press
  • 4×297.5# Safety Bar Squats (extra 2.5# on right side!)
  • 4×142.5#  Shoulder Press
  • 4×300# Safety Bar Squats
  • 4×143.75#  Shoulder Press

Actually there were a few firsts today. First heavy squat session in the new lifters. I love the way they feel. My feet are so solid with the ground now. First session using all of my change plates (0.625#, 2.5#, 5#, and 10#) at the same time between the two bars. I thought it was the first time I used the washer “plates” but there was one other time right when I bought them.

Since I was lifting by myself I didn’t want to continue with the alternating EMOM of bench press and front squats due to safety of benching alone and with just one rack it wouldn’t be easy to setup unless I squatted off the jerk blocks. Plus I front squatted 3 times last week so was up for something different. It’s easy to shoulder press off the jerk blocks and I don’t get a chance to use the safety squat bar enough, so it was a pretty easy choice.

I actually planned to do a 10:00 alternating EMOM with 4×275# and 4×137.5# but as I warmed up I didn’t feel like going that fast and working up such a sweat. So I started at those weights and slowly added weight. The plan was 5 sets, but then I saw that one more set would use up all of the change I had laying around. Again, easy choice. 🙂 Not really sure how I managed to get that extra 2.5# on the right side of the bar and I actually didn’t even notice it during the set.

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Nick Momrik

I'm searching for the perfect golf swing and my first hole-in-one. I'm addicted to CrossFit. I work for Automattic.

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