Thanksgiving Gainz

Came back from Rogers City this afternoon so I could lift with Alex. Didn’t do much to warm-up other than some bottom squat hold.

Back Squat

  • 10x20kg
  • 5×70 (pauses)
  • 5×100 (pauses)
  • 3×110 (pauses)
  • 3×120 (pauses)
  • 3×130
  • 3×140
  • 3×150
  • 3×155

Just a short second long pause in the hole on those early sets. Lifting kilos I don’t always know what I have on the bar. Quickly got up to the heaviest I’ve had on the bar in a long time. I haven’t had over 305# on my back since July when I did 340 for a single and then a week later tweaked my back during warm-ups. Been a long road back.

The triple at almost 342 pounds is about 3# shy of a 3RM PR. I’ve done 4×340# and 3×345#. I almost stopped after the triple at 150kg but figured I could make one more set with a small jump. Felt good. For a split second after that, I thought about doing some singles like Alex was doing, but I’ll save it for another day. Let my body adjust and build off today.

Split Jerks (behind the neck)

I’ve never really done any substantial weight with theses, but they felt really good once we got going. Bar goes up so smooth. I actually realized I could hold back on my drive because the bar was ending up crashing down on me when I put so much into it.

  • 5x20kg
  • 5×40
  • 3×50
  • 2×70
  • 2×80
  • 2×85
  • 2x2x90
  • 2×95
  • 2×100
  • 2×105

Hang Cleans

  • 5x20kg
  • 5×50
  • 2×55
  • 2×60
  • 2×70
  • 2×80
  • 4x2x85
  • 2×90

These are brutal on the thumbs when you use the Eleiko bar. When you bring the bar back down for the 2nd rep it feels like your thumbs are going to rip off. My second rep in the second set with 85 was rough, but I focused more on my technique and they felt solid after that.

Push Press

  • 5x50kg
  • 5×60
  • 5×70
  • 5×75
  • 5×80
  • 5×85
  • 5×90

Pushed the gas pedal here. 198# on that last set is a PR for a set of 5. All the way up until that set I was taking one rep right into the next one. Surprised me actually after all that other work. Had been lifting 2 hours at this point.

Solid day! It’s a good push for me to lift with Alex.

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Nick Momrik

I'm searching for the perfect golf swing and my first hole-in-one. I'm addicted to CrossFit. I work for Automattic.

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