Structured Gymnastics Work

Feeling pretty good after Kalsu. Legs are fine, but my shoulders are fatigued. In at 10am to start a gymnastics program. Jumped on the rowed for an easy 1,000 meters before getting started. I saw the next cycle of the Rowing WOD combines rowing with thrusters. Good time to switch out. 🙂

Going to be following the Skill WOD from Dusty Hyland, starting with a 4-week cycle he calls Hustle & Flow. With the Open about 3 months away it’s a good time to focus on increasing gymnastics strength, technique, and endurance.


3 sets

  • 5 Bar taps – tight
  • 5 Bar taps – dynamic
  • 7 V-ups
  • 10 Pass-thrus
  • 7 GHD Heel Drives
  • 10 Bridge Rocks

I really like the structure of the warm-up and how it gets everything ready, while reinforcing position work.

Shoulder Activation

  • 3 sets: 3 Scap Elevators + 3 Strict Pull-ups
  • 1 set: 1+1


5 Sets

  • 5 Butterfly Box Drill Circular Rotations
  • 1 Stop Strict Pull-up + 3 Pull-ups (butterfly drill)
  • 5 C2B Pull-ups

Skill Test

  • 3 Pull-ups + 3 C2B + 3 Pull-ups + 3 C2B
  • 2:00 Rest
  • 2 sets
    • 70% MAX C2B
    • 90s Rest

I figured there was no way I was getting 2 sets of 14 chest-to-bar pull-ups here after all of the other pull-ups already. Got both though!

Strength Accessory

3 Supersets

  • 15s Underhand grip chin hang
  • 8 Supinated Bar Rows

My least favorite part. Did not feel very good on my elbows in either part.

Bonus Complex

  • Set 1: 2 Strict Pull-ups + 2 Strict C2B + 3 K2E + 3 T2B + 3 Bar MU
  • Sets 2-3: 2+2+3+3

Damn those are some hard strict pull-ups! It’s programmed as 4 bar muscle-ups in the first set, but I could only get 3. Then you are supposed to keep adding 1 MU every set until failure, trying to get in at least 3 sets of work. Didn’t realize it until a minute or so later, but I ripped my thumb in that first set, so that was the end of the bar muscle-ups for the day. Finished out 3 sets of work.

I was being a good boy and protecting my hands during the big set stuff with my gymnastics grips, but they don’t do anything for your thumbs. :-/ I must really grip hard on that bar transitioning from rep to rep of my bar MU. Will have to tape up my thumbs from now on.


With a focused attack it took us an hour to finish. Better than I expected, especially for the first week.

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