Pressing Eights

Class was doing 14.2/15.2 today, but that’s a no-go for me with my shoulder and pull-ups. Damn, I was so disappointed to miss one of my favorite workouts. 😉 Got to the gym a little after 4:30.


3 Sets

  • 10 Pass-thrus (o/u grips)
  • 10 V-ups
  • 15s GHD Hanging Bridge

Strength -Shoulder Press

  • 8×45#
  • 8×75
  • 8×95
  • 8×105
  • 8×115
  • 8×125
  • 8×130
  • 8×132.5

Maxed out at a higher rep scheme for something different. Fatigued from the handstand push-ups yesterday though.


Looked like a good workout from Aerobic Capacity this week in the Lactate Threshold category so it was on my list to do.


  • Row 1250m
  • 90s Rest
  • Row 1000-250m
  • 90s Rest
  • Row 750-250-250m
  • 90s Rest
  • Row 500-250-250-250m
  • 90s Rest
  • Row 250-250-250-250-250m

Take 10 seconds of rest between each interval during a 1,250 meter section. The first interval of each section was supposed to be at a “strong controlled tempo” so I picked 2:00/500m thinking it should be slower than my 5k PR pace being that this was a total of 6,250 meters. The other intervals of each section are at a 2k PR pace, which is 1:40.5 for me.

Felt pretty good through the first 3,750 meters but could tell it was going to get really rough when I got to that 2nd 250 of the 4th round. Hit all my paces until the final 2. Well, I was 0.1 off on the 3rd to last but that’s because I was ahead of pace and coasted in too much at the end to try and save myself.

I need more of this type of work that burn really gets me at the end of a 500-1000-2000 meter time trial. Or when I’m in a 2nd round of a FGB style workout like yesterday.


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