Much Improved

My hip started feeling a better last night. I could barely get out of the car during the day. Waking up it was like night and day from yesterday morning. I could actually shower properly and get dressed without having to lift up my left leg with my arms to put on pants and socks. Still don’t quite have full range of motion back but it’s a big improvement over yesterday. Looks like it probably wasn’t an impingement, which is great news!

I went in early to do some extra warm-up work and get in the programmed warm-up so I could help out everyone when they did it since there were some things we haven’t done before.


  • Crossover Symmetry Activation
  • 2 Sets
    • Tricep Openers (10# DBs)
    • Hip Impingement Corrective Exercises
      • 10/10 Sidelying clam (small red band)
      • 10/10 Sidelying hip abduction
      • 10/10 Donkey kick
      • 10 Bridge
  • 3 Sets
    • 5/5 Bar Taps (tight, dynamic)
    • 5 ATYs (5# plates)
    • 5 Wall Squats

Those The Hip Impingement Solution – Juggernaut seem to be helping more than anything else.


4 Rounds

  • 5 T2B
  • 5 T2B
  • 5 T2B
  • 1:00 Rest

It’s a quick drop from the bar, take a few seconds and get back on. I should have tried sets of 6, but I haven’t been on a bar in 2 weeks.


5 Sets

  • 8 Ring Rows (feet elevated)
  • 20s Hold Bottom of Push-up
  • 12 Bicycle Crunches (w/ 2s pause)

Left shoulder felt good on the ring rows. I think the rest and hitting more Crossover Symmetry is paying off.


20:00 Aerobic Circuit

  • 20s Bar Hang (engage scaps after 10s)
  • 12 Walking Lunges (gather feet)
  • 2/2 Turkish Get-ups (35#)
  • 8 Pause Air Squats (2s bottom)

Maybe a little on the easy side, but that’s fine for this type of work. Good for recovery and worked a lot of mobility and stability areas where we see issues in CrossFit.

Finished up with Crossover Symmetry Recovery.

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I'm searching for the perfect golf swing and my first hole-in-one. I'm addicted to CrossFit. I work for Automattic.

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