Midline Metcon

I have full range of motion back in my left leg/hip! Chest is sore, probably from the bench pressing I did Saturday and maybe even a little from the push-up holds yesterday. Lats and upper back or sore from the bar work and ring rows yesterday. Hadn’t really been on the pull-up bar in 2 weeks. Out in the garage at noon to do the workout from the gym.


  • Crossover Symmetry Activation
  • 2 Sets
    • 5 Scap Wall Slides
    • 10 Narrow Grip OHS (45#)
    • Hip Impingement Corrective Exercises
      • 10/10 Sidelying clam (small red band)
      • 10/10 Sidelying hip abduction
      • 10/10 Donkey kick
      • 10 Bridge
  • 5×45# Shoulder Press
  • 3/3 Reverse OH Weighted Lunges (45#)
  • 5×75# Shoulder Press
  • 3/3 Reverse OH Weighted Lunges (75#)

I’ve been wanting to try reverse lunges. They are better for your knees.


E3M – 5 Sets

  • 8 Shoulder Press (95#)
  • 6/6 Reverse OH Weighted Lunges (95#)

Ended up being about 50s of time holding that bar! Reverse stepping into lunges is a little weird to get used to.

Next part was some strict pull-ups, but I’m still going to stay away from those for a while with my shoulder. Don’t want to push it too much too early. Being able to do ring rows and Kroc rows again is enough for now.



  • AbMat Sit-ups
  • Russian Twists (25# plate)

Little something new for CFi by using an ab circuit for conditioning. Typically this is something we would do after another metcon and without the clock. I wore a 40# weight vest to step it up a notch and it was fucking brutal! Managed to get all of the twists unbroken. Sit-ups too, but they got pretty slow with that extra 40 pounds.

10 Rounds

  • 30s Ski Erg (hard – 90%-ish?)
  • 30s Ski Erg (easy)

Wanted to do something more since I didn’t get the pull-up work. Might as well make more use of the Skier when I’m at home. Nothing crazy but got the heart rate up a little after I recovered from the midline circuit. Was getting down into the low 1:50/500m pace range and then around a 2:30 pace on the easy parts. Totaled 2,354 meters. Finished up with Crossover Symmetry Plyo.

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