Double Engine

The back tweak from Wednesday turned out to be one. Thankfully it’s not a major one. Yesterday I used my TENS device most of the day. Hopefully it’s a quick recovery so I can do 19.3 on Sunday or Monday. Guess I’ll stick to cardio for a couple of days.

Out in the cold garage by 9am with no food and no warm-up.

Engine Builder – Interval

4 Rounds

  • 3:00 Airdyne (AD2)
  • 30s Rest

Started at 85 RPM but I had to really push to hold 80 by the end of the second interval. Calories were 110-105-103-105. Maybe would do better with at least some warm-up. That 30 seconds was really no time to recover.


In the evening I warmed up with a 3:00 row (760m), increasing my pace every minute. Rested 3:00 before starting.

Engine Builder – Anaerobic

8 Rounds

  • 30s Row
  • 2:30 Rest

In the middle I remembered the other day where I really pushed with my legs to get the flywheel up to speed. Calories were 17-17-17-17-18-18-18-18 and I was getting over 2,400 cal/hr at some points. Looking at my meters and pace shows how I ramped up and found a rhythm.

I’m not sure I ever remember pulling a stroke rate over 40.

It was cool to watch my heart rate and see it come down so well between intervals. My highest HR was actually at the end of the warm-up! Also notice that second peak on the way down from the 5th interval. I stood up for a minute to see if I’d recover better and obviously I did not. I started a 5:00¬†cool down almost immediately after and went 1,055 meters.


Quite a bit different from the biking intervals this morning, which hurt a lot more.