My Highest WHOOP Strain

Didn’t get as much sleep as I’d like last night, but feel pretty good. More importantly I had pancakes for breakfast since it’s Sunday.


  • 5:00 Assault Bike (42 cals)
  • Dead Hang & Shoulder Stretching


  • 4:00 EMOM5 Burpees
    • 5 Strict HSPU
  • 1:00 Rest
  • 3:00 AMRAP10 Goblet Squats (53#)
    • 6 Box Jump Overs (24″)
  • 4:00 Rest, Then Repeat

The burpees should be very fast to create fatigue going into the strict handstand push-ups. I was able to get every set of HSPU unbroken, but the last set in the first cycle was hard and then the last 2-3 sets in the 2nd cycle were a struggle. My quads got super pumped during the goblet squats. In the first cycle I was marking off rounds on the board, which just wasted time in such a short workout. Skipped that in the second cycle and did better. I did 3+12 and then exactly 4 rounds.


3 Sets

  • 50′ KB Dead Walk (44# KBs)
  • 50′ KB Walking Lunges (44# KBs)
  • Dumbbell Curl 21s (25#)

Got some of the idea here from a T-Nation article and video.


3 Rounds

  • 20 Hollow Rocks
  • 50 Hollow Flutter Kicks
  • 30 Plank Jumps
  • 30 Russian Twists (20kg plate)
  • 1:00 Rest

My upper abs were cramping up from the combination of hollow rocks and flutter kicks. Was able to do every movement unbroken, with my only extra break being between the rocks and kicks is the third round. Finished in 7:41.

Went golfing and played a quick 18 holes in a cart.

Engine Builder – Interval

3 Rounds

  • 5:00 Airdyne
  • 1:00 Rest

I wanted to shoot forĀ 82-83 RPM and my average was probably close. I got 173-174-177 calories and went 6.09 miles or 9,800 meters.

All of the activity made for my highest strain day on WHOOP so far and since I waited so late to publish this, it won’t go up much more tonight.

Burning 4,500 calories was a good excuse to get some ice cream. šŸ™‚

Sore Glutes

My glutes are a bit sore today. So either those longer one minute single leg stands work or I’m starting to activate my glutes more for things like the wall balls and deadlifts we did yesterday.

Engine Builder – Endurance

28:00 Airdyne

Aimed for 75 RPM again, even though the duration keeps increasing by two minutes. Went 10.46 miles (16,834m) and 813 calories.

Something I’ve noticed in the last couple of weeks is that I’m getting tired by 10pm. I think it’s due to the extra conditioning work from this program. I’m also getting up by 8am every morning now with improved sleep due to having the WHOOP.

400 Sit-ups in 3 Days

Throughout yesterday I got sore in my quads, shoulders, core, lats, and biceps. Pretty much everywhere. I finally cleaned out my gym bag yesterday too.

After morning meetings at work I got on the bike.

Engine Builder – Speed

5 Rounds

  • 2:00 Airdyne
  • 30s Rest

I wanted to hold 87-90 RPM, because I had to go faster than I did for a straight 10 minutes, right?! Made it, but would like to be more consistent. Those 30 second rests were over in the blink of an eye. My calories were 90-84-82-85-89 (430 total) and 4.35 miles. I did an easy five minutes for 1.36 miles to cool down.

Went to the 4pm class.


  • 400m Run
  • Front Rack Stretch
  • 10 Muscle Cleans (45#)
  • 10 High Hang Power Cleans (45#)
  • 10 Hang Power Cleans (45#)
  • 10 Power Cleans (45#)


Power Cleans

  • 5×95#
  • 5×135
  • 3×165
  • 2×185
  • 8x2x205

No belt. Worked on not leading with my hips, which alleviated some pressure on my low back. Go figure!


20:00 EMOM (alt)

  • 20 cal Row
  • 20 Sit-ups

I was really excited (/sarcasm) for 200 more sit-ups after doing 200 on Sunday! My goal was to hold 1,500 cal/hr on the rower and I did it with ease. Average was probably 1,550-1,600. I was finishing the row in 46-47 seconds each round and pushed the last one to finish in 43 seconds. I was barely even breathing heavy when I got off the ground after sit-ups each round. I actually felt pretty good with these smaller sets of sit-ups and did them in 30-31 seconds every round.


4 Sets

  • 12/12 Single Leg Hip Thrusts
  • 15 Reverse Hypers (90#)

Definitely got a low back pump from the RHs.

My Best Open

Scoring is pretty much done for the Open. How did it shake out for me?


Open: 33,595 / 137019 (75.5%)
Masters 35-39: 6,053 / 27,976 (78.4%)


Open: 17,092 / 185,548 (90.8%)
Masters 35-39: 2,544 / 37,522 (93.2%)

Didn’t end up as low as I expected for 19.5, but still not happy with my effort. My overall ranking dropped less than one percentile from the performance though, so it was good enough to be my best Open, beating 2015 by 0.1! Not the best of my three Masters years though, because 2017 would have been 93.6% if I had been able to complete 17.5 in time (got injured and did it a few weeks later)

My percentile rankings over the years:

  • 2012 – 55.3%
  • 2013 – 87.9%
  • 2014 – 88.1%
  • 2015 – 90.7%
  • 2016 – 88.6%
  • 2017 – 89.8%
  • 2018 – 81.5%
  • 2019 – 90.8%

Note: I calculate percentiles based only on the number of athletes who completed a score for that workout (or who posted at least one score in the Open overall). This is much different from the percentiles I see in the CrossFit Games app because they calculate based on everyone who registered in the division, which is misleading if you ask me. For example, by their math, my 19.5 score would be in the 82.8%. I don’t care that I beat the people who didn’t show up to play. Might as well calculate the percentile based on world population!

I’m happy with those results for this year, especially considering my back was injured for the last three workouts and I was unable to attend CrossFit classes through that time. Now we wait for the second Open of 2019 in October. Time for me to heal up my back and shoulder, and see if building up my posterior chain helps prevent any future back tweaks.

Got on the bike in the afternoon.

Engine Builder – Endurance

  • 26:00 Airdyne (AD2)

As the time domain increased another two minutes I was hoping to be able to keep the 75 RPM I did last time. I was successful. Ended up with 747 caloriesĀ and 9.66 miles.

Version A

I forgot to mention it during my San Diego trip, but we stopped at the Rx Smart Gear office because I’d been wanting to try the Alec Smith gymnastics grips. I hated them! Way too bulky, even with the extra support strap off, which pulled really bad on my wrists. It’s like they needed to have a size bigger than large. Glad I didn’t buy them online. Also tried their EVO Jump Rope and there is no way I’d pay $125 for that!

Engine Builder – Speed

10:00 AMRAP

  • Airdyne calories (AD2)

This workout is also known as “300 FY” because the goal on other Airdyne models is to get 300 calories. It’s really easy to do on the AD2, but still a good relative test. My previous best was 365 cals where I went out hot for 60-90 seconds and fell in to a pace. Today my plan was to hold 85 RPM and hopefully push at the end. I didn’t have much push left, but it worked beautifully to get a 15 cal PR with 380 calories! Was 4.23 miles. I did an easy five minutes to cool down for 1.42 miles.

Went to the 4pm class at CrossFit Whip.


3 Rounds

  • 10 cal Row
  • 10 PVC Passes
  • 10 Overhead Squats (PVC)


Overhead Squat

  • 2x5x45#
  • 2x5x75
  • 2x5x95

I kept a narrow grip on the bar and went with a slow controlled descent and slight pause in the hole for every rep. Wasn’t pushing the weight with my back and shoulder issues.


Warmed up my push jerks with 5×95 and 5×115.

E3M – 5 Rounds

  • 20 cal Row
  • 15 T2B
  • 10 Push Jerks (135#)

I probably went a little hard on the first row, getting it done under 45 seconds, with 1,700+ most of the way. Each round got slower and slower but kept over 1,250 throughout. My toes to bars were 3×5 every round, wearing grips and push jerks were unbroken. My round times were about 2:00, 2:11, 2:22, 2:25, and 2:25 and I really started to feel it in round 3. Push jerks were a struggle at the end of the 4th and 5th round. These are the type of workouts I’ve really liked from the Ben Smith programming because you have to really push yourself to finish and get some rest.


Dumbbell Curls – 21s

Switched it up to Version A from T NationĀ and wasn’t sure how it would feel so I used 20 pound dumbbells for the first set and then 25 for two more sets.

Glute Work

My back is feeling a lot better. I’m not putting any load on it, so I stayed home from the gym. Out in the garage just before 4pm.

Engine Builder – Speed

3 Rounds

  • 4:00 Airdyne (AD2)
  • 90s Rest

My goal was ~85 RPM and it was a success. Calories per interval were 152-152-155.


4 Sets

  • 15 Hip Thrusts
  • 15 Banded Pull-throughs (green)

I learned that hip thrusts are when you elevate your torso on a bench or box, which gives you a deeper range of motion. First time trying pull-throughs and it takes a set or two to understand how to balance so you don’t keep tipping over backwards. Curious to see if my ass will be sore from these.


4 Rounds

  • 200m Ski Erg
  • 20 Plyo Lunges
  • 20 Alternating Leg V-ups

Quick one. I tried to get my pace down to 1:50/500m and hold there. Took me 7:51 to finish.

Endurance is Improving

Back to work today after the week of vacation. Feeling pretty good after yesterday’s workouts.

Engine Builder – Endurance

  • 24:00 Airdyne (AD2)

On March 9th when I did 22 minutes, I held 68-70 RPM to keep my heart rate in the 70-75% zone, so I was expecting a similar pace today. It was taking a long time for my HR to go up and I ended up holding 73-75 RPM through the workout. Maybe my back was really affecting me before.

Today ended up being 666 (šŸ‘¹) cals – 8.77 miles. That’s 27.75 calories per minute compared to 24.36, which is 14% better. According to WHOOP, my average HR was lower today too; 124 compared to 131. Those differences are nuts, plus it was two minutes longer.