Mud Crud

I’ve been sick since Sunday. Damn Tough Mudder! At least 5 or 6 people from our group were puking sick and many others felt bad. I guess there was an outbreak of norovirus going around from something there. I’ve had mostly sinus issues and fatigue, with night sweats that have kept me from getting much sleep. Haven’t worked all week and have been craving a workout. Went to the ER early this morning to get checked out after reading about some scary things that can cause night sweats.

Decided to hop on the Air Dyne today to sweat on my terms and get moving.

  • 5:00 Warm-up (60-65 rpm)
  • 10 Rounds
    • 30 seconds fast
    • 30 seconds rest
  • 5:00 Cool-down (60-65 rpm)

Knocked out 436 calories and traveled 8.52km. Definitely got my sweat on!

Strength Focus

My legs are feeling a bit sore. Not sure if it’s from the Super Squats or the step-ups on Wednesday. Shoulders are a little tight from the pressing and muscle-ups last night. In at 11 this morning.


  • 5:00 Air Dyne
  • 2 Rounds
    • 10/10 Leg Swings (F-B, S-S)
    • 10/10 Flamingos
    • 10/10 Scorpions
    • 10 PVC Pass-thrus
  • 5 RDLs (135#)
  • 3 Pendlay Rows (115#)
  • 5 RDLs (225#)
  • 3 Pendlay Rows (145#)


10:00 E2M

  • 5 RDLs (275#)
  • 3 Pendlay Rows (155# first set, then 160# for 4 sets)

Got some new lifting straps that are much easier to use. Really helped with the heavy RDLs.

DB Bench Press

  • 20 @ 35# DBs (DB held with palms facing towards feet)
  • 3 x 20 @ 40# DBs (DB held with palms facing each other)
  • 20 @ 45# DBs (DB held with palms facing each other)

Switched to the other grip after the first round to try to work on keeping that elbow in. Should translate more to ring dips as well.

Sled Work

  • 150m Sled Drag (205#)
  • 3 Box Jumps (32″)
  • 150m Sled Backwards Pull (160#)
  • 3 Box Jumps (32″)
  • 150m Sled Drag (205#)
  • 3 Box Jumps (32″)

Planned on doing 3 of the drag and 3 pulls, but it started raining.

Tough Mudder tomorrow with nearly 30 people from Survival Fitness!

Morning Air Dyne

Golfed with a buddy yesterday, so took a rest day.


Did 20 minutes on the Air Dyne at about 9am. RPM was steady at an average of 72. Never saw a number lower than 69 or higher than 74. Totaled 520 calories and 11.41km. Felt good!

Went to Survival Fitness at 8pm for open gym and worked out with Brent.


  • 300m Run
  • 2 Rounds
    • “Cindy” round (strict and quality reps)
    • 3/3 Turkish Get-ups (35# KB)


Super Squats! I warmed up with 8 @ 45#, 5 @ 135#, 3 @ 185#, and 3 @ 215#. Then I used 245# for the set of 20, up 20# since starting 2 weeks ago. That first week was definitely the hardest though. Really taxing today on the breathing. A couple of hours later I’m feeling tight in my lower back and my neck.

Then I did 3 sets of 20 pullovers with a 60# DB to stretch out the ribs, with the added benefit of working on my chest.


3 Rounds

  • 10 Ring Push-ups
  • 10 T2B
  • 10 Weighted Step-ups (24″ box, 45# DBs)

Originally planned for 5 rounds, but decided to keep it shorter after the super squats which are pretty taxing. Right before we upped to 20 step-ups too, but as soon as we got into them, I quickly made the executive decision that was a bad idea because of the big box. I finished in 4:59. Was able to do all of the push-ups and T2B unbroken, but had to break up the 2nd set of step-ups into 6-4 because of grip, but then powered through the last round. Could barely squeeze my water bottle after.

Low Intensity

Feeling pretty good after the competition yesterday and have a high from the atmosphere, competing, and the win. Little sunburn on my shoulders, but nothing is really sore. In at 10:30 this morning.


Did some mobility work.



  • 5 @ 45#
  • 5 @ 95#
  • 5 @ 105#
  • 5 @ 115#
  • 5 @ 125#

This is where not using wrist wraps really gets me. Wrists felt like they were going to break on the last two sets.


10:00 EMOM: 5 Reps (all strict)

  • 35# Plate Deficit for 4 sets
  • 25# Plate Deficit for 4 sets
  • No Deficit for 2 sets

A couple of weeks ago I used a 25# plate for all 10 sets, so 35# was a significant jump. I think the OHS fried my shoulders a bit and maybe feeling a little fatigue from yesterday. I’ll take the results though.


Kevin, Michelle, and I rotated for 3 rounds (everyone used a bit different weights) of:

  • Air Dyne at an easy pace
  • Backwards Sled Pull (25# + 90# for 2 rounds, 25# + 135# for 1 round)
  • Prowler Walk (90# + 90#)

Took us about 20 minutes to do this and it was all out in the hot sun. Got a nice sweat on.

Nothing too taxing today, but didn’t want to overdo anything after a long day out in the sun yesterday. Competition zaps you more than you realize too.

Two and a Half Hours

Had a well-deserved rest day yesterday and walked 18 holes on the golf course, playing one of my best rounds ever. Went in at 2:30pm today for some open gym time.


  • 3:00 Air Dyne
  • 3:00 DU
  • PVC Pass-thrus


5:00 EMOM

  • 3 Hang Snatches (95#)

Working on speed of getting under it and warming up the CNS.

Olympic Lifting

Did the jerk footwork drill for a few minutes.

Split Jerks

  • 3 @ 95#
  • 3 @ 115#
  • 3 @ 135#

Again, working on speed and really driving down under the bar.

Then Casey and I decided to try out part of the lifting WOD from the team competition we’re doing next Sunday. We did an I go, you go for 5:00, increasing the weight by 10# each set for clean and jerks. Started at 135# and got up to 225# just under the time limit. No misses and had to change our own weight, so will be fun to see how fast we can get the girls done and then on to us. Maybe we can get up to the 250#, which is the max weight we’ll have for the workout. Will be fun!


  • Back Squats: 20 @ 225#
  • Pullovers: 2 x 20 @ 45# DB and 20 @ 60# DB

Little something from the Super Squats program. Pretty brutal taking a 10 rep weight and trying to go for 20. Was not easy and thought I was going to pass out on those squats.

Did some more DU, getting a streak of 73 before my rope hit the Air Dyne behind me! I wanted to get that 100.


Ladder, not for time. Go through once until failure and then start over from 1 and do it to failure again.

  • 1 Strict Chin-up, 2 Strict Ring Dips, 3 Sit-ups holding 10# plate
  • 2-4-6
  • 3-6-9

I got through the 5th round plus 6 chin-ups and 6 of the dips and then only got through round 3 plus 4 chin-ups and 6 dips. Not as intense an a normal metcon but great strength work and still got the heart pumping.

Solid 2.5 hours in the box. 🙂

Partner It Up Times 3

Feeling a little sore from yesterday, mostly in my upper chest and shoulder area. Abs are pretty sore from the 150 sit-ups too. Went it at 11am today.


2 Rounds

  • 25 Air Squats
  • 25 HR Push-ups
  • 25 Russian KBS (49# KB)
  • 25 Lunges
  • 25 Star Jumps
  • 25 Zombie Kicks
  • 25 Jumping Jacks
  • 25 High Knees
  • 25 Butt Kicks
  • 25 Mountain Climbers

Nothing like 500 reps to get you warmed up! Finished in under 13:00


It was a 3 part partner WOD, with each part having a 6:00 time cap. Each partner does the pacing element once and then you switch. Rest the remainder of the six minutes. I worked with Kevin.

  • Pace: 500m Row
  • MAX Wall Balls (20# MB, 10′ target

Stupid screen on the rower turned off right before we started, so I did a bunch of extra distance. We got 105 reps, with Kevin getting 54 and me 51. I did mine in sets of 25 and 26. Kevin whooped my ass on the rower as usual. I think I kept around a 2:00/500m pace.

  • Pace: 600m Run
  • MAX Clean & Jerks (115#)

I got 28 in around 2:50 and then Kevin got 18 more for a total of 46.

  • Pace: 0.75 mile Air Dyne
  • MAX Sit-ups

I started us off with 68 sit-ups for a total of 130. Not sure I needed a bunch more sit-ups after 150 yesterday and already having a sore core.

Good workout!