Be Careful

We had to call 911 today. A guy stopped in to talk to someone, jumped on the pull-up bar, and fell off after the first pull-up. He landed on his head and neck area. I didn’t see it happen because I was facing the other way, but there was quick reaction by some nurses in the class to run over and stabilize him. He was out cold for 10 seconds or so, but then was alert, responsive, and could move his extremities. I bet he’s going to be sore for a few days, but hopefully everything else is fine.

On another note, I’ve now been doing CrossFit for 6 months! Half a fucking year. Amazing! That’s twice as long as any other exercise program I’ve ever done. I still love it as much, if not more, than day 1.



  • MB Power Clean & Presses
  • Burpees

I used a 20# MB and completed this in 6:16, by going pretty much non-stop.


  • 50 Russian KBS
  • 21 Sit-ups
  • 21 HR Push-ups
  • 50 Russian KBS
  • 18 Sit-ups
  • 18 HR Push-ups
  • 50 Russian KBS
  • 15 Sit-ups
  • 15 HR Push-ups
  • 50 Russian KBS
  • 12 Sit-ups
  • 12 HR Push-ups
  • 50 Russian KBS
  • 9 Sit-ups
  • 9 HR Push-ups
  • 50 Russian KBS
  • 6 Sit-ups
  • 6 HR Push-ups
  • 50 Russian KBS
  • 3 Sit-ups
  • 3 HR Push-ups

That’s 350 KBS in total. I did the first set unbroken, then started the rest of the rounds off with 25 unbroken and usually broke down the last 25 into 15 and 10. Sit-ups were all unbroken, but I broke the HR push-ups down into 2 sets during the rounds of 18 and 15. I used a 55# KB for the swings and finished in 20:10.


I started to do front squats by warming up with 135#. It was during that set of 5 reps when the accident happened and the class was done after that.

The Sissy Test

Yesterday was my first real day off since the previous Monday. Unless I count last Friday, which was a light day with some snatch work and HSPUs. I did walk 9 holes of golf yesterday, but that’s nothing intense. This morning I realized my neck is really starting to loosen up. I can almost crack it on my own again, which I haven’t been able to do for over 2 months. I think the big reason for the recovery is that I haven’t done DUs at all in the last 2 weeks. Whenever I get back to them I’ll have to make it a priority to keep my neck in a good position, without chicken-necking.

Only one part in the class today, the Sissy Test.


Burpees & Russian KBS

  • 25 – 1
  • 24 – 2
  • 23 – 3
  • 3 – 23
  • 2 – 24
  • 1 – 25

You can start with 25 burpees or 25 KBS, whatever suits you. Burpees were recommended and I think that’s what everyone did. I might go with the KBS next time for the hell of it. No need to get out your calculators because I did the math in my head before we started. 325 reps of each!

I used a 55# KB and finished in 41:38! I nearly met Pukie for the first time in the round of 24 KBS. This was definitely an endurance WOD. I kept going with as short of breaks as I could. My knees aren’t feeling the greatest and I can tell my back is going to be wrecked. Cardio-wise I felt great after a few minutes of rest. The only time I watched the clock was early on because I wanted to compare to Open Workout 12.1, which was the 7 minutes of burpees. I completed the first 4 rounds of this in just under 7 minutes, so that was 94 burpees and 10 KBS with a paced effort and some small breaks between rounds. These burpees weren’t up to the strict standards of the Open workout when I did 92 burpees, but it’s a pretty good indication of how much I’ve improved in my fitness since then.

Can you complete the Sissy Test?

Simple Saturday

Planned on going to the 10am class, but stayed up too late last night, so went in for the 11am, which only had 4 of us.


100 Sit-ups

I knocked them out in 1:55 using the gym standard, which is to have your shoulder blades touch the floor and then only get up enough so you can touch your feet.


20:00 Team AMRAP

  • 5 Deadlifts/Power Cleans
  • 10 Burpees

We had 135# of the bar, which is a really easy deadlift, so after 2 rounds of that, Matt had me switch to power cleans to slow me down and give my partner more rest. I’m glad he did, because it made things a lot tougher for me. I think we got through 7 full rounds and then I did 5 additional power cleans.


At the end of class we did a bunch of mobility stuff with bands and mashing with the bar, K-star style.

My Poor Feet

Stayed with the night class routine I’ve been doing this week.


5 Rounds

  • 1:00 Bottom Squat Hold
  • 1:00 Jumping Jacks

Not too bad, but coming up out of the squat hold after a minute is a little rough. Quads and knees felt a bit locked up each time.


20:00 AMRAP

  • 5 Suit Case Deadlifts (each side)
  • 10 Burpee Broad jumps
  • 15 Box Jumps

I used an 88# KB for the suit case deadlifts. Not a big fan of those because it’s hard to keep a good position. Burpee broad jumps and box jumps were fine. I used a 24 inch box as usual. I think I got 6 full rounds. It may have been 7, but I’m leaning towards 6. Matt our trainer kept track and I forgot to look at the board after the workout. In addition to the complete rounds I finished the 5 suit case deadlifts on each side and 8 of the broad jump burpees.


Jingle Jangles

These are short sprints. Starting off with 3 lengths in the first minute and then rest for the remaining time. Jump up by 3 sprint lengths every minute until you fail to complete the number of sprints. So each minute you are doing more running and getting less recovery. I got through 21, but thought I was one short one of the girls was a bit ahead of me and went another length, so I didn’t get to go up to 24, which started almost immediately.

I am not wearing my Inov-8 Bare-XF 210’s anymore until after the move to the new location. We did the entire workout outside on the pavement and it was brutal on my feet with all of the pounding. The broad jumps were especially bad so I had to shorten them up. Doing the sprints on the pavement with these shoes was no walk in the park either.


Went to a night class since the only morning class is 5:45am on Tuesday. It was kind of nice, even though I really like how I feel throughout the day when I workout in the morning.


5 rounds

  • 1m Russian Twists
  • 1m Plank

I used a 20# KB for the twists and got a total of 292 (counting each side) through the 5 minutes.


4 different 3:00 AMRAPs

At each station perform the buy-in exercise and reps. Then do max reps of another movement for the remaining time of the 3 minutes. Keep track of max reps for each station. Rest 2 minutes between stations.

  1. 20 Box Jumps
    -MAX DB power cleans
  2. 20 Burpees
    -MAX Push-ups
  3. 300m Run
    -MAX Ring Rows
  4. 20 KBS
    -MAX Wallballs

I used a 24 inch box for box jumps, 35# DBs for power cleans, a 53# KB for Russian swings, and a 20# MB for wallballs. I think my reps for the MAXs were 31, 41, 37, 35, but I might be off by a few on some of those.


Find 1 rep MAX for clean + thruster. We broke into groups by strength and formed lines to each take a shot at a weight before moving up. I think we went 65#, 85#, 105#, 125#, 145#, 165#. Those all went up pretty well for me. I was the only one left, so Matt pushed me to go for my body weight of 180#. I got the weight up with a power clean without too much trouble. I normally would do a full clean as it gets this heavy, but I knew I needed to squat for the thruster. The clean was a 15# PR. I went for the thruster and got it about half way over my head. I think if we had done this before the WOD I could have gotten it, but I was pretty fried. I’m thrilled about the clean PR especially since it was a power clean. 165# is a lot more than I’ve ever attempted with a thruster as well.

Carry the Medicine Ball

Got another solid night of sleep last night. It’s great to be home sleeping in my own bed again.


  • 600m Run
  • Power Skipping
  • Walking Zombie Kicks
  • But Kicks


A religious CrossFit box somewhere came up with this partner WOD. It’s supposed to be based on the 14 stations of the cross. I’ll hold off on any comments about the religious nature.

  • 400m Run (both partners)
  • 50 Pull-ups
  • 40 Burpees (both partners)
  • 80 KBS (Russian)
  • 60 MB Thrusters
  • 100 1-arm Push Presses
  • 100 Lunges (both partners)
  • 60 MB Cleans
  • 200 Sit-ups/Plank
  • 60 K2E
  • 50 Pull-ups
  • 100 Lateral Hops
  • 100 HR Push-ups
  • 800m Run (both partners)

One partner holds a medicine ball at all times except when doing burpees, lunges, and sit-ups/plank. I partnered up with Matt, the owner, since we had an odd number of people in class. We used a 20# MB for the workout. When performing burpees and lunges each partner completes the prescribed number of reps. During the runs, we handed off the MB at the half-way point. As an example, we split up the pull-ups into several sets, each doing a total of 25 pull-ups. Then we each performed 40 burpees on our own. For the push presses, each partner should end up doing 25 with each arm. When you get to 200 sit-ups/plank, one partner is doing sit-ups while the other is holding a plank.

It took us 42 or 44 minutes to finish, I don’t remember the time. The last half of the 800m run was straight into a strong wind. Absolutely brutal holding the MB. I highlight for me was getting kipping K2E for the first time. I wish I had figured this out a couple of weeks ago for all of the T2B.

Partner WODs are always fun on weekends. Now it’s time to enjoy Masters Sunday.

My First 300+ Pound Lift!

I ran out of a post-workout supplement I’d been using and I can really tell the difference in my recovery over the last week. I’ve had more soreness and for longer. I’ll have to stock back up when I get home. Didn’t sleep the greatest last night, but went to bed early enough to get a solid night of rest.



  • 250m Row
  • 3 World’s Greatest Stretch (each leg)
  • 10 Leg Swings (each leg and direction)
  • 10 Flamingos (each leg)
  • 10 Burpees


  • 3-2-1-3-2-1 Deadlift
  • 2-3m Rest

We moved some serious weight today, starting with the strength work. I warmed up with 6 reps at 135# and 3 reps at 225#. I made sure to rest a full 3 minutes between each set. My working sets were:

  • 3x 255#
  • 2x 275#
  • 1x 295#
  • 3x 275#
  • 2x 295#
  • 1x 315#

I had never attempted more than 290# before, but had done it for a set of 5 so I knew I could PR today. 315# was pretty heavy.


Every minute on the minute for 10m:

  • 3 Deadlifts (85% of heavy single)
  • 6 HR Push-ups

Holy shit balls! For 85% of 315# I went with 265#. A total of 30 fucking reps with very little rest. Not quite sure how I was able to get through every round. I’m already feeling it. The next few days are going to be sore city and sitting in a car for close to 30 hours won’t help.