Pushing PRs

My legs have been all kinds of sore from the squats on Monday. Had a chiro appointment (trying to use up my FSA balance before switching insurance plans) and then went to the 4:30 class.

Pre Warm-up

  • Shoulder Stretching
  • Bottom Squat Hold
  • 3 Sets
    • 20 Zeus DU
    • 10 OH Shrugs (45#)

I was at the gym plenty early due to the 4:00 appointment so did some stuff before the class warm-up.

Warm-up – 3 Sets

  • Wrist Stretch
  • 5 Slow Push-ups
  • 5 Ring Rows
  • 5 Air Squats
  • 20 Double Unders
  • Spiderman Stretch

Strength – Front Squat

  • 10×45#
  • 6×135#
  • 5×185#
  • 4×205#
  • 3×225#
  • 2×245#
  • 1×265#

I belted up for the last two sets. Felt heavy but ok.

Gymnastics – 3 Sets

  • MAX Strict HSPU
  • 10 C2B Pull-ups

It was programmed as 5-10 reps of each handstand push-ups and pull-ups, but I’ve been wanting to test out my strict HSPU so went for it. Couldn’t believe it when I got 17 reps followed up by 12 in each of the next 2 sets. My previous best was only 11, which I matched last in March of last year so that’s over a 50% improvement!




  • Double Unders
  • Sit-ups

Anchored my feet and used my AbMat cover pad. Missed my very first rep, so just adjusted my time by 2 seconds at the end. ūüôā I missed again in the set of 20, missed to start my final set because my rope was tangled and I was trying to rush it, and then missed again after 5 or 6. So 3 official misses after my restart. Not going to PR like that, but with a 6:06 I was only 13 seconds off my best time.

Practiced a bit more freestanding handstand hold up near the wall.

Realized that’s 9 days in a row of doing something, even though Saturday was only a 45 minute recovery on the AirDyne. Time for a rest day!

Deadlift Wednesday

Went to the Chiro at 5. Scheduled it after 3 weeks since it’s the Open. Will go back to about every 5 weeks now.


  • 2×10 RH Heel Drives
  • Dead Hang (feet on ground)


Supposed to be 4×4 @ 90%. Not a chance.

  • 12×45#
  • 8×155
  • 6×265
  • 4×315
  • 4×345
  • 4×375
  • 2x4x405


E3M – 5 Sets

  • 10 Burpees Over the Rower
  • 20 cal Row

Was supposed to be 20 cals of Assault Bike, so we threw in some burpees to get tired for the row. My first and last round were both 1:15 and the other 3 were 1:24 or better.


  • 20 Deadlifts (275#)
  • 50 DU
  • 20 KBS (70#)
  • 50 DU
  • 20 Burpees
  • 50 DU
  • 20 C2B Pull-ups
  • 50 DU
  • 20 Box Jumps (24‚ÄĚ)
  • 50 DU
  • 20 DB Full Cleans (50#)
  • 50 DU

Was programmed with 400m runs and I originally had the idea to do 100 DU. We decided to go with 50 instead and it was a good call since it still took me 18:01 to finish. Bryan and I shared a bar for the deadlifts and alternated every 5 reps. I did 10-10 on the KBS and 10-5-5 butterfly chest-to-bar pull-ups. When I got to the cleans he was 10 reps in so we alternated 5 reps each until he was done and then I took another rest before my final set of 5. I missed 2 dubs in round 1, got the next 3 sets unbroken and then started missing a lot in the final 2 sets after the movements that blew up my legs.

Good Bye 17.3


  • 4:00 Air Dyne
  • Banded Shoulder Mobility
  • Snatch
    • 5×45#
    • 3×95
    • 4×95
    • 2×125
    • 2×145
    • 1×165

Was feeling smooth.

2017 CrossFit Games Open 17.3

  • Prior to 8:00, complete:
    • 3 rounds of:
      • 6 chest-to-bar pull-ups
      • 6 squat snatches, 95 lb.
    • Then, 3 rounds of:
      • 7 chest-to-bar pull-ups
      • 5 squat snatches, 135 lb.
  • *Prior to 12:00, complete 3 rounds of:
    • 8 chest-to-bar pull-ups
    • 4 squat snatches, 185 lb.
  • *Prior to 16:00, complete 3 rounds of:
    • 9 chest-to-bar pull-ups
    • 3 squat snatches, 225 lb.
  • *Prior to 20:00, complete 3 rounds of:
    • 10 chest-to-bar pull-ups
    • 2 squat snatches, 245 lb.
  • Prior to 24:00, complete 3 rounds of:
    • 11 chest-to-bar pull-ups
    • 1 squat snatch 265 lb.

*If all reps are completed, time cap extends by 4 minutes.

I wasn’t sure what to change from my first attempt, even up to when I was warming up. I ended up keeping 3-3 pull-ups for the first 3 rounds, but did 3-3 on the snatches instead of unbroken. Finished 13 seconds faster. Then I kept all 3 sets of pull-ups at 3-2-2 instead of going double with singles on the 5th and 6th round. Kept that 13 second gain so would have a better tiebreaker. Did 8 single pull-ups to try to bring my heard rate down. Rested before grabbing that 185 and made sure I really got into it. Made it, so now I was way ahead of pace. I was fucking gassed though. Was just a bit forward on my next two attempts to miss them. Did not want to pick up that bar because I couldn’t breathe, so I called it quits after I got to 11:00 on the clock since I wasn’t going to even match my 92 at that point.

Since the 3-2-2 on those 2 other rounds didn’t make me faster, I guess I should have ketp to 2 + singles and maybe I wouldn’t have been so gassed.¬†Oh well, had to try something.


We decided to do some lifting.

Behind the Neck Jerks

  • 5×45#
  • 3×95
  • 3×135
  • 3×165
  • 3×185
  • 3×205
  • 3×215

Good enough for the day.

17.3 Fresh Off the Plane

I forgot to check overall standings before week 3 scores starting showing up on the leaderboard. My ranking on 17.2 was much better for me though.

  • Open: 25,442th
  • Masters 35-39: 3,129th

Nearly moved halfway up to the top of both overall leaderboards from where I was after week 1, but can’t really get exact numbers due to not looking last night.

Flew home from Austin today, but wanted to get in that first attempt. The plane landed at 7:15 and I was at the gym by 8:30.


  • 3:00 Airdyne
  • Banded shoulder mobility
  • Bottom Squat Hold
  • Snatch
    • 4×45#
    • 3×95#
    • 2×135#
    • 1×155#

2017 CrossFit Games Open 17.3

  • Prior to 8:00, complete:
    • 3 rounds of:
      • 6 chest-to-bar pull-ups
      • 6 squat snatches, 95 lb.
    • Then, 3 rounds of:
      • 7 chest-to-bar pull-ups
      • 5 squat snatches, 135 lb.
  • *Prior to 12:00, complete 3 rounds of:
    • 8 chest-to-bar pull-ups
    • 4 squat snatches, 185 lb.
  • *Prior to 16:00, complete 3 rounds of:
    • 9 chest-to-bar pull-ups
    • 3 squat snatches, 225 lb.
  • *Prior to 20:00, complete 3 rounds of:
    • 10 chest-to-bar pull-ups
    • 2 squat snatches, 245 lb.
  • Prior to 24:00, complete 3 rounds of:
    • 11 chest-to-bar pull-ups
    • 1 squat snatch 265 lb.

*If all reps are completed, time cap extends by 4 minutes.

Wasn’t sure how to attack this one. Changed my mind a couple of times throughout the day and changed again at the gym after hearing how Bryan did it.

I went 3-3 for the first 3 sets of C2B and touch-n-go¬†on all 3 sets of¬†snatches because 95# really bounces all over the place. Had a solid split at 2:49. First set of 7 pull-ups was 3-2-2 and then a double followed by singles for the other 2 sets. All single snatches with 135#. I really hate doing single pull-ups because I take more break than you can afford. Made it under the 8 minute cutoff with 13 seconds to spare. Not great. I did 8 single C2B trying to calm myself down for the 185#. Took some breaths before giving it a pull and I was not prepared for it. That bar felt heavy as hell, I “Clarked” it, and nearly blacked out. So then I had to waste a bunch of time recovering and getting my head right before stepping back up. I made my next 4 attempts and went 3-3-2 on C2B. I was getting ready to take a pull on the snatch with less than 10 seconds left but my head wasn’t there so I didn’t even try.

So I ended up with a score of 92, which I was surprised by. I remember thinking last night that 90+ would be pretty good for a first attempt. I’m happy to have gotten the 4 reps with 185# because that’s around the load where my squat snatch starts to get really inconsistent in the catch. Will probably try a redo on Sunday or Monday.


Looks like 17.3 will move me up nicely too. This is ranked as a level 87 on BTWB, which doesn’t even account for people doing scaled and I should be able to improve on my redo.

Not Today

We went in later hoping there would be more room for us to use the rig and some barbells.


  • Bottom Squat Hold
  • Arm Circles
  • Shoulder Stretching
  • 5 OHS (45#)

Didn’t really do much.

Open 14.2/15.2

Every 3 minutes for as long as possible complete:

  • From 0:00-3:00, 2 rounds of:
    • 10 OHS (95#)
    • 10 C2B pull-ups
  • From 3:00-6:00, 2 rounds of:
    • 12 OHS (95#)
    • 12 C2B pull-ups
  • From 6:00-9:00, 2 rounds of:
    • 14 OHS (95#)
    • 14 C2B pull-ups
  • Etc., following same pattern until you fail to complete both rounds

One of my least favorite Open workouts but I was confident I could set a PR to beat my best of getting through 14-14-8. I decided to wear my grips because I didn’t want to take any chances of ripping going into the first workout of the Open.

Right off the bat I was having trouble with pull-ups! It didn’t help my grips seemed to be slipping all over the place, but that was a minor annoyance compared to not being able to string together any real sets. Maybe I was fatigued¬†from the muscle-ups yesterday?

I got through 12-12-12-4 and wasn’t even tired. I just could not do fucking pull-ups. My chest-to-bars have been feeling pretty good lately too, so this had to be some kind of fluke. My overhead squats are slow as shit, but weren’t the issue. Disappointed, but not going to beat myself up over it. We were supposed to rest at least 10 minutes before the next part of the session.


  • 100 Bar-facing Burpees

That’s weird…more burpees in the program!

Back in August 50 for time took me¬†3:29 and I don’t remember it being too bad. This was just boring though. Finished the first 50 at 4:04 and was only 15 seconds slower on the 2nd 50 to end at 8:23.

I was looking at some of my different burpee for time PRs¬†and decided to calculate some ratios. Here’s something I wasn’t expecting… this time today is 2.407x my time for 50 bar-facing, while my best for 100 normal burpees is 2.478x my normal 50. Both ratios are pretty close, but I would expect to fatigue more over the course of 100 bar facing. Or maybe I’m just in better shape? If they had followed the same ration, my time today would have been 14 seconds slower, which is significant!


3 Sets

  • 15 Prone GHD DB Rows (25# DBs)
  • 10 Back Extensions
  • 10s Hold

Wow, what a low back pump!

3 Bars of Insanity

My ass is kind of sore from Wednesday’s workout, but my back is feeling pretty good.

Front Squat

Supposed to be max reps at 70% (235# for me), but I haven’t squatted heavy since tweaking my back a week ago and I didn’t want to push it. So I stuck to some sets of 5.

  • 10×45#
  • 5×135
  • 5×185
  • 5×215
  • 5×235
  • 5×250

Felt solid. No issues with my back.

Clean & Jerk

Work up to 5×3 @ 70%

  • 3×135#
  • 3×165
  • 3×185
  • 4x3x205

I did an extra warm-up set compared to the other guys to make sure my back was good, so I didn’t exactly do 5 sets at my working weight.

Barbell Conditioning

2017-02-17-3-barsIf “Linda” is 3 bars of death, this must be some kind of insanity. If I had seen this workout 2 months ago I would have told you¬†I had no fucking chance.

  • @ 0:00 – 3 Snatch (115#)
  • @ 1:30 – 6 Snatch
  • @ 3:00 – 9 Snatch
  • @ 4:30 – 12 Snatch
  • @ 6:00 – 15 Snatch
  • @ 9:00 – 4 C&J (135#)
  • @ 10:30 – 8 C&J
  • @ 12:00 – 12 C&J
  • @ 13:30 – 16 C&J
  • @ 17:00 – 5 Thrusters (155#)
  • @ 18:30 – 10 Thrusters
  • @ 20:00 – 15 Thrusters

Might be a little confusing, so let me explain. With a running clock, you basically have 90 seconds to complete the assigned work. The exception is you get an extra 1:30 of rest after the final set of snatches and an extra 2:00 after the clean and jerks.

After all of the barbell conditioining intervals we’ve been doing I was confident I’d be able to finish the work, I just didn’t know how long I’d be able to hold sets or how much rest I’d end up getting.¬†I really wanted to get all of the snatches unbroken, but I had to go 10-5 on the final set. I paused at my hips after 10 but had to drop it and finish with singles. Clock was at 7:02, buying me a “long” break.

I started out feeling fine with the clean and jerks (yes, all power clean and push jerks), getting the 4 and 8 unbroken. After a set of 4 in the 12, I finished with singles. Didn’t have a whole lot of rest before having to start the 16, which I did with all singles. Finished those at 15:34 on the clock, so now I had less¬†than¬†1:30 to rest even though it had a longer time built in.

By the time I got my shit together and added the 10# plates, it was time to go. I started late, but did the set of 5. Then I did 6-4 in the set of 10. The set of 15 was rough, going 5-3-3-2-2 and finished at 22:31 on the clock.

I was finished with all but 2 sets (16 C&J and 15 Thrusters) in less than the allotted 90 seconds. I can honestly say I’ve never done anything close to that before. Total of 45¬†snatches, 40 C&J, and 30 thrusters. The last 2 sets of snatches pretty much become a light Isabel at 27 reps and the last 2 sets of C&J are only 2 reps shy of Grace. I really want to see what I can do on those benchmarks now!


8 Rounds (Reverse Tabata)

  • 10s C2B Pull-ups
  • 20s Rest

I did 4 sets of 5 and 4 sets of 6, which is a 10 rep improvement over 3.5 weeks ago.

Chesty Snatches

My back belt much better yesterday, but will take it easy this week. In early at 2pm with the guys.


3 Sets

  • 1 Legless Rope Climb
  • 8 Strict HSPU
  • 10 Squat Jumps

I did this warm-up since I was skipping the back squats. They had to do max reps at 70%.


Work up to 3 sets of 5 @ 70%.

  • 3x3x45#
  • 5×95
  • 5×135
  • 5×155
  • 2x5x165

I did all powers to keep the stress of my back, which sometimes acts up in the bottom of the squat when snatching or doing OHS. The 155 is officially my 70%, but my snatch isn’t where it should be, so the extra 10# was no problem.


5:00 Cycles

  • Buy-in: 3 Rounds of “Chesty” before snatches
    • 5 C2B Pull-ups
    • 10 Push-ups
    • 15 Air Squats
  • Snatches
    • 15 @ (135/95#)
    • 12 @ (165/115#)
    • 9 @ (185/125#)
    • 6 @ (205/135#)
    • 3 @ (225/145#)

One of those bonus round workouts we’ve seen in the open. You get a 5:00 clock to start and must complete 3 rounds of¬†“Chesty” and the associated snatches to “earn” another 5:00. You can start on the next cycle as soon as you finish the snatches to try to get ahead of the clock, banking up extra time.

First three rounds were no issue, as suspected, though my squats were too slow. I thought about doing triples so started with a double at 135# and quickly changed to singles. Breezed through them. Next cycle of “Chesty” I was getting even slower with my squats and started using my hands to push off of my knees, hoping to save my legs some for the snatches. I could have changed the weight on the bar faster too.

The snatches with 165# were challenging, but I was still able to power each one, taking about 10 seconds per rep. Or at least that’s what I was seeing on the clock as I tried to rush the last 30 seconds. I finished 10 of the 12 reps. Needed to be there about 15-20 seconds sooner and I would have been able to move on.

Doing rounds of “Cindy” with chest-to-bar pull-ups was a fun twist and wasn’t causing me any issues. I don’t know I’d want to do it for a full 20 minutes though.


8 Rounds (Tabata)

  • 20s T2B
  • 10s Rest

I did all sixes plus an extra 2 at the end last time we did this. Goal today was sets of 7 and initially I was even thinking 4×7 and 4×6 would be nice to accomplish. Got through the first 7 sets of 7 unbroken and hit my wall in the final set, having to do 4-2-1. 56 total reps, which is a 6 rep improvement. Makes a big difference when I can remember to keep my legs straighter. Muscle memory is still hard to overcome though.