My quad feels a million times better today. Back to what has been “normal” for the last few months with it. Out in the garage after waking up. Wanted something different, so grabbed this recovery type workout from OPEX.

Air Dyne (AD2)

3 Rounds

  • 10 Sets
    • 30s @ 85%
    • 30s Slow
  • 3:00 Rest

I started off thinking about 85% of my 10 minute pace, which is in the low 70s for RPMs, but realized that was too easy for only 30 seconds at a time. In the 2nd round I bumped up my RPMs to high 70s and then mid 80s in the last. Split distances were 4.73km after 1 round, 9.51km after 2, and 14.62km total.

Did CSA Recovery after I was done.

Damn Quad

My quad is very angry after the squats yesterday. Played in a cornhole tournament last night, but I doubt that has anything to do with it.



  • 1,000m Row – 3:59
  • Stretching


4 Sets

  • Max T2B
  • 1:00 Rest

I did 25-13-11-10, which is a new max set PR and better than the 22-12-12-10 I did last time.


A fun MAP training session today.

10:00 AMRAP @ 80%

  • 150m Row
  • 10 HR Push-ups
  • 10 Russian KBS (53#)

Did 6 rounds plus 140 meters. The push-ups started to get slower each round.

3:00 Rest

10:00 AMRAP @ 80%

  • 5 Burpees
  • 7 Box Jump, step down (24″)
  • 9 Deadlifts (135#)

I thought I was going to cry after the first box jump it hurt my quad so much. It seemed to loosen up or I was favoring the other leg a ton after a few reps. Completed 6 rounds plus the burpees and box jumps.

3:00 Rest

10:00 AMRAP @ 80%

  • 30 DU
  • 5 Strict Ring Dips
  • 10 Plate Russian Twists (35#)

Felt the quad a bit when I started double unders, but turned out fine. Finished 7 rounds plus 12 dubs.

I really wanted to OHS but I couldn’t do an air squat without wincing and transferring most of my weight to my left leg.


3 Sets

  • 40 Shoulder Taps

Up and Over the Bar

The plan was to get to the gym early this morning to back squat and work on bar muscle-ups before the 10am class. But I didn’t wake up until 8:20. I must have needed the sleep.


Dynamic warm-up with butt kicks, high knees, running, arm circles, and arm stretching. Then 30 American KBS with 44#.


Worked on bar muscles-ups. Was doing all singles, but did one double towards the end. I lost track, but did about 16 total reps, which is way more than I’ve done total in my lifetime. Felt pretty good and didn’t have any misses. Might have to try an EMOM with doubles next week.


4 Rounds

  • 1:00 Ball Slams (25#)
  • 15s Rest
  • 1:00 Thrusters (45#)
  • 15s Rest
  • 1:00 Sandbag Clean and Throw (~40#)
  • 15s Rest

Tried to keep a steady pace. Had 101 reps after 2 rounds and 210 total reps.

A few hours later it was time to lift heavy in the garage. Warmed up with 1,000 meters on the ski erg in 4:09.9.


Back Squats

  • 10×45#
  • 5×135#
  • 5×205#
  • 5×235#
  • 5×265#
  • 5×285#
  • 5×305#
  • 5×315#
  • 5×325# (PR)

The plan was more sets, get to at least 320 and maybe try more. After warming up I was feeling a little tired so adjusted the game plan. Fewer sets and new goal was 325. Made it, but had nothing left. I’ll take it.

Did 3 sets of 15 reverse hypers on the GHD, no resistance.

Break it Down

My back is a little tight today but no major issues, so I’m happy about that. Went in at 4pm to get in a row.


  • 6k @ 92% of 5k pace (2:05)

I went off a time better than my 5k since it’s probably quite a bit better now. Ended up averaging a 2:04.3/500m pace and finished at 24:51.5. Have never rowed that far before. When I do something like this I try to break it down mentally. 1,500 meters is 25% done, 2,000 meters is 1/3 done, and so on. Helps me with the grind of it. Kind of enjoyed that today actually. Rolled out my low back a bit after.

Patient Deadlifts

Definitely feeling a little beat from all of those ball slams. In for the 9am class.


  • 3 Rounds
    • 300m Row
    • 10 Reverse Hypers (210#)
  • 20 Speed Toe Touches
  • 20 Jumping Jacks
  • 20 Air Squats
  • Arm stretching



  • 5×135#
  • 5×225#
  • 5×275#
  • 5×315#
  • 5×345#
  • 5×365#
  • 5×395#
  • 5×425#

Actually remembered to go shoeless. Felt solid. It’s been about a month since I’ve deadlifted heavy. I’ve been patient with my back after several tweaks and it’s paying off. My estimated max is almost back up to my previous 1RM and this was only 10# shy of matching my best 5RM, which was done shortly after I pulled the 515#.

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 11.06.32 AM


8 Rounds (Tabata)

  • 20s Burpees
  • 10s Rest

Cruised through these by only doing 6 per round.

10:00 EMOM

  • Odds: 10 Thrusters (95#)
  • Evens: 8-10 C2B Pull-ups

In my first set of chest to bar pull-ups, my hands were sweaty and I couldn’t hang on the bar. So I struggled through 8 reps in like 3 sets! Chalked up for the rest of the rounds and my rhythm felt better than ever. I did the last 4 sets unbroken with 3 of them being 8s and then 10 in the final set. Wish I hadn’t messed up that first set and had done 10 for every round.

Definitely jumped back on the Reverse Hyper for 3 more sets of 10×210# after those heavy deads.

Garage time at night!

Air Dyne (AD2)

  • 15:00 @ 80% of 10:00 max pace (65 rpm)

Should have averaged over that rpm goal. Totaled 7.94 kilometers.


Muscle Snatch

  • 5×45#
  • 5×75#
  • 5×95#

8:00 EMOM

  • 5 Power Snatches (115#)

The original plan was 7 rounds, but after the muscle snatches I was feeling a little fatigued so I only set the clock for 5 rounds. I was feeling good towards the end so I went for 8. All sets were touch-n-go.


5 Rounds

  • 10 GHD Sit-ups (20# vest)
  • 5 Box Jumps (24″, 20# vest)

I was not planning to do this for time, but said why not and went for it. The sit-ups got nasty at the end of the 3rd round. Took me 4:32.

Still Dark

Woke up at 4:30 and couldn’t get back to sleep. After an hour, I had enough. Got up and headed out to the garage.

Ski Erg

  • 3,000m @ 92% of 2k pace (2:09)

Ended up with an average pace of 2:07.9/500m for a total time of 12:47.6. Kind of nice to already have that done at 6am.


Had a chiropractor appointment and then went straight to the 4:30 class.

Clean & Jerk

  • 5×45#
  • 5×95#
  • 3×135#
  • 3×165#
  • 3×185#
  • E30S for 4:00 (12x)
    • 1×205#

Last 3 reps with 205# started to feel some fatigue. The bar was crashing a little and I couldn’t go right from the clean into the push jerk. Had to stand it up for a second and then get it. Felt solid though.

6 Rounds

  • 5 Cleans (135#)
  • 5 Evil Wheels
  • 5 Burpees
  • 30s Rest

All touch-n-go on the cleans and fast burpees. Evil wheels were a rest because they take me a long time with my height. Every round was under a minute for a total time of 7:58.

5 Rounds with partner (alternating with slam ball being the time for the OH hold)

  • 20 Slam Balls (25#)
  • OH Hold

Did the first two rounds of holds with the Earthquake bar and no idea how much hanging on it in KBs, then held a 45# overhead for the next 2 rounds, and back to the bar for the final round. Shoulders were smoked!

Well Rested

Needed that complete rest day yesterday, which was the first one in two weeks. I’d taken days with only some light cardio, but not any complete days off during that span. Was also in bed early last night for over 9 hours of sleep. :-) In for the 9am class.


Push Press

  • 5×45#
  • 5×95#
  • 5×135#
  • 5×155#
  • 5×175#
  • 5×185#
  • 5×195# (PR)

My shoulders felt a little fatigued, which must be from Sunday. Pretty good speed through all of the reps, which felt good, especially for a 5# PR. Could have spent more time and gone heavier, but it would have been a struggle.


4 Sets

  • 10/10 Kroc Rows (62# KB)
  • 10 HR Push-ups

Easiest the rows have ever been. I think the muscle-up pulldowns are paying off in multiple ways. Tried to be explosive on my push-ups since 10 is no problem.



  • Wall Balls (20#, 10′)
  • Sit-ups

No reason to break anything up here. Sit-ups are essentially a rest period in this workout. I started going for a pipe on the wall, which is probably a little more than 10.5 feet. Finished in 6:31. I wish I could figure out how to speed up my sit-ups and not slide backwards through a set.

Was nice to get out early so I had more time and energy for a second session. Out to the garage later in the day. Warmed up with 3:00 on the Air Dyne for 1.36km.

Air Dyne

6 Rounds

  • 2:00 @ 120% of 10:00 max cals pace
  • 1:00 Rest

The way I’ve been calculating percentages for AD work is flawed. I knew it seemed really high when 120% came out to 96rpm and it didn’t take longer than a minute at that pace to realize it would be impossible for 6 rounds of double that length. I took some readings of speed (km per hour) to rpms and will try to come up with something more useful. So, needless to say, my pace how a lot slower after round 1. My distances were 1.48, 1.4, 1.32, 1.29, 1.27, and 1.33 kilometers.

Update: After doing some speed to rpm calculations and looking at the average speed for my 10:00 PR, I’m not sure where to go. It says I averaged 38.8km/hr and 120% would be 46.6 which is about what I was trying to hit with 96rpm. My guess is that if there was a calories per hour number it would not follow a progression that the speed or rpms do, but on this cheaper model of the Air Dyne, who knows. The percentages less than 100% I’ve used seem to work fine, so I guess I’ll continue as I have been and when it’s over 100% I’ll just have to adjust and play a little guessing.


Back Squats

  • 10×45#
  • 5×95#
  • 4x5x135#
  • 5×165#
  • 5×205#

Started focusing on exploding out of the hole and really using my hamstrings. No lifting shoes or belt again, but will go back to them for heavy lifting later this week.


4 Sets

  • 20 MU Pulldowns
  • 15 Back Extensions (20# Vest)

Damn those last 5 pulldowns in each set were as struggle, even more so probably after having done the Kroc rows this morning. Good work though! Glad I bumped up from 15 per set for the challenge.